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Jasmine Guy - No chance left lyrics

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No chance left by Jasmine Guy

no chance left
You promised me you'd give me the last chance
and then when i arrived it was the word no said
no chance left it's no fun without chance's
put all the anger behind and just give me the chance
to show you who i really am
you'll never believe the true person that i am
i am this girl who like's to sing song wright
tell life storys and enjoys loving family
i just love them too much
it's like i'm always welcome into their life
no chance left
how can that be?
no chance left
that couldn't be true
you'd be amazed how i am
right now i'm all the sundern changed
and i'd like my chance back donot say no chance left
cause that'll break my dear heart
i wanna keep this feeling forever
and never let the chance throwen away
just let me say i am a girl who loves to sing song wright enjoys family and just loving being speical's like one of everybody's dream.................................................

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