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Jasmine Guy - Do you mind lyrics

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Do you mind by Jasmine Guy

do you mind that was my preicous seat
i was in the middle until you walked
through that door what is complelty wrong with u
are u in a mood so anger..............
do youmind
do you mind if i can have it back
do you mind if i just tell u off
for taken my seat
a preicous thing that was mind
stolen the soul the heart
what could we do wihtout it
do you mind if i just get the winner down
knock me down and i'll do the same
hope you don't mind a sent
a message put inmy mail box
can't figure what is was about
do you mind if just cut out the hate
do you mind if i turn fate into the unknowen
do you mind if i learn real slowly ////
do u mind
do u agree here that i should knock down
the hated fear and the part where u could die..

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