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Ja Rule - The pledge (remix) lyrics

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The pledge (remix) by Ja Rule

Ashanti: There's no me
Nas: In the beginning it was me...Nas - Blasting
Nas: I stood alone...Ashanti...but now - Blasting
Ashanti: Don't you know that I will never leave
Nas: Murder Inc. Y'all
Ja Rule: Its Murdah - Niggaz - haha
Nas: It's over now - y'all know that, right
Nas: Irv Gotti - Ill Will Baby
Ashanti: It's murdah....for life
Nas: It's murdah
My enemies want sorta the same respect I was born with
Godson, tatted on my chest its permanent
The rap [album] Anastasia
You cowards y'all want the crown from the black power man of asia
Snap out your dreams and prayers of takin a kings paper
Ask that other rapper how it feels to lose his whole gangsta
(How it feel man?)
You'z a no namesta - ya little mans is no threat
You make me upset I might stay (b-b-b-blastin)
Inc is the Murder Ill Will merger wit my cash
Make sex with yo cast it can't hurt us
Phones ringing off the hook
Bullsh*t, Bloomberg calling me Cosby
Streets wanna know the cause of tha gossip
Nas was born in the projects till the coffins drop
In the ocean like a Amistad, slave overboating em
Its a new day y'all should be scared I'm back wit style
South side, queensbridge, the hoods in here
[Chorus - Ashanti (Nas)]
There's no me (uh talk to me) without you (It's no me y'all)
I can't be (I.N.C.) without you (Ill will now)
Don't you know that I will never leave (talk to me yeah) leave you
(it's no me y'all) All I need (I.N.C.) need is you
There's no me...
[Ja Rule]
Yeah -
[Ja Rule]
Lemme talk to these niggaz gotti
Yeah - What up Suge
[Ashanti (Nas)]
It's murda (Ashanti) for life
[Ja Rule]
And lord knows I'd DIE
I Pledge allegience to homicide
And murdah be the case when I kill 'em
WHY would they get a nigga like me started
I'm regarded the hardest workin artist since Pac NIGGAZ
And I ain't talkin if I'm like or better
I'm talkin if he was here we'd probly ride together
On this chick ass nigga with curls, b**ch dog
Get at me dog - Rule nigga the boss
You always been a pup now, well aint it a pity
That you running to IG, dying to be me
But I pledge I.N.C. and for the love
I'll bleed it in blood and die from hot slugs - motherf**kers
Murdah I.N.C. - You know that I can't see myself
Livin without you, being without you, breathing without you baby
What you've done to me, you know that I can't see myself
Livin without you, being without you, breathing without you baby
[Chorus x 2, ad-libs by Ashanti]
[Tupac(?), Ashanti, Nas]
Ashanti: There's no me
Nas: B-b-b-blastin'...blastin...blastin..blastin
Tupac: You shall not fear no man but God...though I walk through the valley of
Ashanti: Don't you know that I will
Tupac: ...far away, Please God won't you grant me the strength to
Ja Rule: IT'S MURDA!!!!
Ashanti: It's murda -- for life!

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