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Youre Never Alone Lyrics

by Janz Paul


Youre Never Alone Song Lyrics

Youre Never Alone by Janz Paul

I know
You wish you were home
And all of this night was over
When you're down and you're broke
A room couldn't get much colder
Only the lonely hearts
Know what it feels like to break apart
Well, I wish I could reach you
I really want you to know
You're never alone
Every hope you breathe has wings
And in harmony I'll sing
You're never alone
I'm the light before your eyes
Your vision when it ides
In your darkness I will shine
Oceans between us
Ten thousand breakers breaking
I'll come to you
In visions never fading
And you'll feel your hand strong in mine
All your lonelyness I will bear
If you need inspiration
I've got so much to share
So take that heartache you're feelin'
Let it go keep believin'
You can walk through this night
And always know
That I'll be there for you
You're not alone

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