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Get Arrested Lyrics

by Janz Paul


Get Arrested Song Lyrics

Get Arrested by Janz Paul

We've been watchin' the signs
We've been readin' the news
And now we're starin' amazed at
your shame-faced bluse
We shoulda guessed it
I guess we shoulda guessed it
You've been walkin' the line
Like a bad man's dream
Never pay who you lay
Never say what you mean
You should get arrested
Give us something to trust in
We've been wastin' our time on you
All we want is a fighting chance and you give us
Handstand weekends, peaches in the darkness
Cool hand dealin', leeches lookin' harmless
You should get arrested
Has anybody seen the breakdown comin'
We're being guided by a ship of fools
On every street in every town
There's a hundred voices cryin'
For anybody standin' up for somethin'
You better hold on to your alibis
Cause life is a b**ch when a fool gets rich
He can lie to survive and the young and alive
Get arrested
You got legacies, lawyers, abandoned grins
You're a criminal case with original sin
That we never shoulda messed with
We got mamas and kids standin' in line
For a couple of bucks, a couple of dimes
You should get arrested
Is this a system of justice
We've been wastin' our wealth on you
All we wanted was a fighting chance
and you give us
Jive in the boardroom, squeals in the bedroom
Red tape, files, bureaucracy in full bloom
You should get arrested

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