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by Jane Child


Sshhh Song Text

Sshhh by Jane Child

Your lips are moving darling
I know your saying something
Its revolutionary
But Im not listening honey
Casual conversation
Im going through the motions
Inside Im dieing baby
I think Im going crazy
The judges nudge each other
They nod in recognition
Their conscious responding
To this divine condition
Inside my head I hear a choir of angels screaming
Why don't you
What's the matter?
I try to myself
No I mustnt let it show
I gotta keep control
You gaze into my eyes and
I know your seeing something
Its revolutionary but your not listening honey
A different hear and now I breathless to expectations
Id like reassure it
Don't look my hands shaking
They talk about me darling
Their voices loud as thunder
Its all that I can do to
Keep me from going under
If you could hear a voice
My upper lasting corner
Relentless mother-a-fucker
I try to tell myself
No I mustn't let it show
I gotta keep control
(Aw) yeah yeah
And every second Im awake
And every second I'm survive
And every ounce that I posses
Every second that Im hear
Every second on the edge
Every second I could blow
Uh uh uh uh
What if I feel them coming
Smash you a thousand pieces
What if I gave all up?
And gave it all away
Would you say I was crazy?
Would have let a minute
Would you embrace me darling?
Or turn and runaway
I try to tell myself
I mustnt let it show
Gotta keep control
I try to tell my self
I m

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