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Jamie Stevens - Can't Hurry The Harvest lyrics

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Can't Hurry The Harvest by Jamie Stevens

Author: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
Composer: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
© 2002 by Ronquillo/Stevens
Verse 1:
In a corner light a lonely child would find
A photograph of family who once was there
Now the world has changed
All that is left is a hand to beg for care
Nations should unite - It's easy to recite
But what does it mean if we really don't care?
Do we have to fight
And does it really matter who's Black or White?
We pass on our fears to our children
In life we reap what we all sow
You can't pick up what others have planted
Some things need a little time to grow
We can live together (side by side)
With our Brothers and Sisters (All WorldWide)
To a loving place that's from above
Can't hurry the harvest
Till we learn to give love
Verse 2:
Everything you do comes back in time to you
So why do we still choose to look away
Now it's up to you
You can ignore or approve the things I say
If we are not the same then tell me who's to blame
And where is the difference beneath the skin
Are we too blind to see
We need to change the world we're living in
We have learned our fears from our parents
In life we choose the way we go
Your life's like a fruit that is thriving
Some things need a little time to grow
Middle 8:
The world is our only home - Let's get along
The world is our only home - United we are strong
We can learn to live with the others
In life we live through highs and lows
Every person's a Sister or Brother
With love, all you need is time to grow

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