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Lullaby Lyrics

by Jae Millz


Lullaby Song Lyrics

Lullaby by Jae Millz

Rock a by, lullaby, I still would be after that green
If I was color blind
Tell that boy that I’m that nigga
He’s just the other guy
Where the f**k they found these niggas, clown ass niggas
This wavy flow will drown these niggas
I ain’t no jogger, but I will run laps around these niggas
That’s my workout for the day, I guess
I’m playing chess with a table full of checker pieces
Mama told me I’ll reach it, if I’ll forever seek it
The day I’ll bow down to these niggas
You will never see it
f**k em, f**k em all with a sick dick
No condom nigga, dig a ditch
I’m jj wyatt come around that corner
f**k around if you wanna slow your movement
Like traffic in california
Silly ass don’t even catchin up on rest
Know that’s a coma rappin like I own her
But he alisa so call her mona
I’m a monster, a beast
These niggas twat in they sweet
Warm up a bottle, get em a bed
Watch me rock em to sleep

Check me out, rock a by baby,
And may the lord be with em
And if she sleep with them, she get put to sleep with em
…a sweet rhythm, how could I be cheap with em
Connect show me love everytime I meet with him
These raps niggas want me to compete with them
But I can’t cause I ain’t in the same league with them
They minor, I’m major, they all up in the game
And don’t deserve to be players
So clowny browny ass niggas
My flow … in the grass niggas
Ass niggas, to hell I will drag niggas
Screaming … and I promise ya
If you play osama I’ll obama ya
You wastin your time with the mama dos
They can’t trace the climate of the nigga that you hearing
Live I hard in god fearin I dare em
And hand me to anybody could get …

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