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Izegrim - Regime Of Redemption lyrics

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Regime Of Redemption by Izegrim

The misery all started in 1776
When a bunch of petty farmers began fighting off the Brits
You were being taxed without having anything to say
A national trauma from which you suffer until this day
If your nation had a psyche then I'd call it paranoid
To ensure your survival all threats must be destroyed
Many men have perished, many more will be undone
In the Founding Fathers' quest to forge out of many, one
If you are a patriot
Then God is on your side
Impose your sense of justice,
Protect your way of life
An inalienable right
That is passed from father to son
To make sure the stars and stripes
Will always overcome
Regime of Redemption
With the outbreak of the civil war in 1861
Brothers were killing brothers, and fathers butchering sons
This profound inner conflict took your confidence away
Another national trauma from which you suffer until this day
You still want us to be grateful
For what you did in World War Two
But you acted from self-interest,
Because the Germans were a threat to you
One doesn't have to be a genius
To see what's on your mind
You may fool the fools
But I will never trust in you and your kind
Regime of Redemption
If your nation has a character then it I'll never comprehend
With your obtrusive attitude you're not making loyal friends
You talk of mutual interest, but this alliance will not last
When we're totally dependent, then Judas will she'd it's mask

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