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Italobrothers - Jah Warrior lyrics

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Jah Warrior by Italobrothers

Jah Warrior x3
King Ital rebel blaze di fire while dem chanting for fun
Respect the old and we respect the young
In'I give thanks Negus I Kingdom
Holy Emmanuel I
Hear mi now
Chorus x2
Zion I sey keep calm watch how yuh chant
Warriors nuh fear the ting deh pon spark
Lion of Judah the King words at heart
Nyabinghi meditation and thoughts
Verse 1
Rastafari I I Turn up the heat
Nyabinghi drums rocking to the beat
Baseline a roll free up move yuh feet
Herbs ina palm bobo flow unique
Praises to the King survival we seek
We tell them give thanks be humble n be meek
Fyah eva blazin' Mosiah words I speak
Chant down babylon and show no retreat
Verse 2
Bobo keep it fit none a dem cyah clown we
Ini stay humble give Jah di glory
Chant up a plasm be bless and be holy
Idrens and sistrens trodin' Jah journey
Revelation yu can find all the story
Alpha & Omega it's written very boldly
Babylon no mystery the youths know their history
Confident Jah army shall see the victory
Verse 3
King Tafari Emmanuel di Truth
Teach us to care for the fruit and di roots
Jah bless papa hold it down like a troop
Suffering days we neva loot or shoot
Plant up the earth ital food for the youths
Ites green & gold bobo nah work fi loot
Warriors & lioness dem cyah dilute
King ital rebel Marcus I di truth

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