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Isaiah Rashad - Rip Kevin Miller lyrics

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Rip Kevin Miller by Isaiah Rashad

[Hook 8x]
Y’all live for b**ches and blunts
We live for weed and money
[Verse 1]
Alright, now if I die today, b**ch my legacy is straight
I’m the best they never heard, I’m your brother, just relate
I need diamond teeth, livin’ like it’s 1998
Like when Percy was the king, back when Juvie was the great
b**ch this doobie is the bait, Patton taught me how to pimp
Like one day you here, then gone, that’s why Chad was downin’ shrimp
I’ve been ridin’ out, since I thought my Huffy was the sh*t
Chattanooga pool of sharks, don’t you slip and lose a limb
Slow it down, we losin’ ’em, I’ve been on the booze again
sh*t, that sopa a livin’ Hell, free Guwop if he in jail
Nigga taught me ’bout the scale, it was vivid, I was there
I was on my first offense, I hope they gon’ give me bail
Screamin’ mothaf**k a 12, b**ches ain’t sh*t
Cops ain’t neither, they huntin’ my people
Codeine I’m back, leanin’, I cope with my demons
The best is not perfect, the rest is not worth it, wake up!
[Verse 2]
Hey b**ch I’m back, quit the whinin’, bring it back, oochie wally
This the set, it’s that mothaf**kin’ bet, who designed it?
This the one, how you make it out of Chat, who can fly yah
I’m the prince, it was written in the book, Jeremiah
I got dreams, I got b**ches, I got hooks, you can buy ’em
Freshest clique, that’s that gold, you had me hooked as a child
Used to think my ambition was a scheme, I defy ’em
You can too, if you get up off your ass, f**king try it
I’m a snipe, I’m just tryna make the top fall off
On the whip, like a cannon, lollipop on y’all
Xanny ho get me high, make me feel so tall
I’m tryna keep my mental ground and so I feel for y’all
I swear my eyes be bloody red, but b**ch I feel amazing
And this is not a confrontation, that’s an understatement
See this is runnin’ in your house and where your momma staying
You spending doja on some pussy, you ain’t concentratin’, just wake up!

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