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I.O.S. - You're Crowned lyrics

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You're Crowned by I.O.S.

Verse 1:
Have you seen the message?
The writing on the wall.
Go on through the portal
From there you have to crawl.
What's coming from the lesson?
They're tortured by the dead.
So never will they tell you.
You'll be better off dead.
Feeding off the planet.
Frying in the sun.
Nothing more to tell you.
I'm trying not to run.
Truth is biting angry.
Killing off the poor.
It's just snother freight train
Finally greatening the score.
Pre Chorus:
You don't have to tell me that right's wrong.
I'm so used to being found.
It's not what you see, I'm strong.
So reveal it, you're crowned.
Verse 2:
Welcome to my slide show.
You're surviving in the chase.
Nothing means to die, only means to end life.
10 miles down the highway.
Listen for the past.
Waiting for an answer.
Never gonna last.
Pre Chorus
Pre Chorus

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