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In Tha Umbra - Thus Hath Silver'd Damnation lyrics

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Thus Hath Silver'd Damnation by In Tha Umbra

"Pelo abismo íngreme ele cavalgou,
Que conduzia à lúgubre moradia de Hela..."
The darkest essence
Waterfalls of pure magma swirling in silver'd light
Nature immense overflowing with might
Black presence
Horizont, a crown of trees encircl'd by Night
Damnation intense
Focussed and meditating beings thus a silvering sight
Thus hath silvered damnation
Descending along the mists
As stars of wonder shine
The nak'd dears at Yule's feast
Will the dusk sing o' such benight'd charms?
Lugubrious creatures in fusion with the essence
The damn'd and the fall'n with mystic armours and arms
Sole thus hath walk'd by the smoke of the incense
Essence the darkest
In silver'd light waterfalls o' pure magma swirl
With might nature in it's immensity
A presence in black
At Night ancient trees an horizon by will
In tense damnation
Sights o' silver in meditation for eternity
Through the clouds of the flavours inspire
Fill'd with magick older than the eldest mountains
Thus hath silvered damnation
At the climax of the Night
Pentacle of possession in gold
Solstice the highest in decay
Pelos nebulosos caminhos dos tambores de Baka
Pela meia-noite e pelo trovão
Pela ultima das Noites, pois é eterna
A Deusa de Prata observa...
Twilight descends supreme
Op'n through the mist
An entrance to a world nether
The fog of damnation
Deriving into the gold'n boughs o' power
And silver'd
The darkest essence absorbs
Horrors to be Hail'd!
Dark is the essence
Silver waterfalls
The mighty immensity of Nature
Trees in Night's ancient halls
Damnation intense and oh so pure
In embracing decadence
A decadent embrace
Sing oh Dusk of such benight'd charms
For lugubrious Hela is at one with the essence
The elements unite, water and fire
Frost and blood drop upon, damnation stains
... para todo o sempre

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