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Insect Warfare - Paranoia lyrics

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Paranoia by Insect Warfare

You know where to find me, are you too scared?
I've got guns and their aiming for you.
I came to fight, but you don't got no balls.
I know what you did and I want blood.
As long as you're out there, my minds consumed with violent thoughts.
I have been preparing, knowing this day will come.
Now I keep a knife with me and a loaded gun.
Fuck you up, but I'll make sure you survive.
I want your bitch-ass friends to see what I have done.
I knew that you were coming, but I got you first.
You talked all that shit, don't act like you don't know.
Was it all worth it, did you get what you want?
What else will it take to get you to fuck off.

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