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Inner Surge - In Code lyrics

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In Code by Inner Surge

Breaking free of the mortal coil
Forever pushing upstairs
And as the species proudly wears the crown of ignorance
We fail to discover our innocence
Dark creatures poison our homes
And taint the path for some
The path which leads to the answer
All these things I speak in code my friend
The distortion will soon end
We are connected in code
We speak from a place that fire can't burn
Before they are dissolved for good the tables will turn
In contemporary science they call it "junk DNA"
But we know better than to throw our potential away
We've known each other from the beginning....the first day
Do you remember what happened along the way?
Soon for us...not even the memories remain
Past ration and Matrika's road...
I tell you in Code
We Stand
Unattached to concepts, beliefs and power
We Stand
Unafraid of those who wish for the final hour
We Stand
Within the flame of the Light
We Stand
Awake and ready to unite
In Code
We Stand
In Code
We Stand

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