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In Arkadia - Somber light lyrics

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Somber light by In Arkadia

Insane thoughts are belief
Linger prior to relief
Boiling rage, steaming out
Thwarted by the grievous doubt.
Killing schemes, rushing fast
Wherefore has my mind been cast?
Thirst for blood, quenching fear
Satisfying primal...
Sin, possession within
Trapped inside my skin.
Dare, devil's wicked stare
Into madness glare.
Stranger inside looks through my eyes,
Unchain the shadow in me.
Servant of another sphere whose might will
Disperse reason and spread somber light.
Frowning eye, no restraint
Body's been freed of constraint
Rumbling groan, piercing cry
Cursing masses in a sigh.
Mask is real, sticking tight
Wander in a realm of fright
Double face, scarred and seared
Inner conflict breaks to...
Storm, sparing not a form
Consorts also mourn.
Hate, tempest still awaits
Repent at heaven's gates.

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