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Illmatic - Rage Against the Machine lyrics

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Rage Against the Machine by Illmatic

i've been lookin' directly in your eyes and you peep
that i'm the f**kin' nightmare catch you in your f**kin' sleepis it deep or what f**k i'm jumpin' over obstaclesbelieve that you'll be dead before you reach the hospital
i burn like the sunshine your ass is mine
if words would kill you be dead by my first line
if i shine you shine for the 99
illmat!c and zac final frontiers on the frontline
my word is bond like james all mcs are history
mcs must be hypnotized if they f**k with me
you see the tragedy enemies act like ponies
call themself master of ceremonies but they're f**kin' phonies
i got your back brother and i'm ready for the hustle
i beat any mc with the power of my tonguemuscle
f**k the nonsense all around and overseas
illmat!c is back and please you with a new release
chorus: i'll make you rage against the machine
take you to a stage you've never been
i'll make you rage against the machine
take you to a place you've never seen
zim zimma who's on the mic it's the illa
the pause and breaksfiller natural born chiller
for real the killa zac i'm in effect ya'll
jump like bungee you're in my jungle like jumanji
the lyrical barbarian from back in the days
this is for the heads so light up your j's
zac is my brother illmat!c is my man
we stick together like the whole wu tang clan fam
we slam like onyx let the boys be boys
i make noise break toys only with my voice
my survival tactics is drastic like jurassic park
bite mcs like they're plastic with one bark
i spark you up f**k you up so get out your seats
my concrete techniques combined with bad beats
so stop frontin' you need more than a knifeillmat!c is the illest that you've seen in your whole life
i ain't scared of none of y'all b**ch i'm a star
we don't give a sh*t and a f**k who you are
boom baya i make noise when i start it
ill the hardest muthaf**ka on the market
we're to busy for your sh*t smack niggaz with my nuts
makin' new cuts straight to your guts
uppercuts and all that always hundred percent
pelham power baby that's what i represent my friend
i grab my dick (chapt├╝├╝) spit and stick it
you scream so loud and confused jada pinckett
i'm in it to holdin' it down for 3p
mcs act like stevie wonder cuz lyrically they can't see me
my energy is uncontrolable biological
my voice get in your body and destroy your f**kin' molecules
and if you wanna battle stand up you f**kin' penis
get in touch and i show you who the coolest on the scene is

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