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Illdisposed - ...Your Devoted Slave lyrics

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...Your Devoted Slave by Illdisposed

Your devoted slave
That's me being classified again
Where lovers are meant to trust each other
I go out of my way
I try to please that's all I can
As your hunger feast on what I bring
And what I bring - Is yours
Devoted Slave
I will obey
Hit the lights and blind my Eyes
See and do just what you want
And all you want
Is fine by me
I'm totally depended on
The things you let me do for you
My object is to please
I'm good at what I do
Devoted Slave
I must obey
Devoted Slave
I just obey
Empty hearts I disconnect
To a tune ever so grey
I play at will of girls
They even want me to
Circumstances set the scene
I willingly delay my joy
For what I have to give!

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