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Idy - Guilt lyrics

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Guilt by Idy

Turn down your inhibitions tonight cave in, darling. You just might be the only thing I need in life. Turn down your anger, I could follow you home, you shouldn't be alone when you've got hurtful words in your heart. Turn down the lights, this bulb's been burning so bright the fibers have turned, just like that 'hot' look in your eyes. And turn down that stare you're perfectly aware I strive to be sincere when it's your voice in my phone.
And I could sit here, write the most epic of verse and I am realizing now that it wouldn't make a difference. Because I'm falling apart while I sit at this bar, because we've spanned the border on account of legalities. Drowning myself in the sounds of a jukebox, that's playing the worst songs, and I'm counting change. "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," how it might take me home, or it might conjure up some distasteful memories.
And I'll paint my words in an off shade of blood when I think back to hugs and your malicious intents. 'Cause guilt's just a consequence derived from the anguish that you have kindly stored inside my veins, and I'm twirling a dart I could stick in my heart, but all it could do is hold it together. I'm stumbling my way onto the street and this fog in the air makes me long for you in my sheets. It's the sounds of a city cursed with a panic, that I feel myself from bankrolling my "love" on you, and a friendly stranger brings me back to my feet. She can warm my car seat, and anything else she chooses. Liquor takes hold as we walk in the cold, but I can't shake this memory as I hear a voicemail...
"I'm calling you on your phone, cause I want to come back home. I'm dying on this couch alone, I'm suffocating in your test."

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