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Ideas - On The Path Of Reality lyrics

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On The Path Of Reality by Ideas

[The realization]
I feel as the blue planet's sniffing me,
While the gravitation and the fate interweawe
Their huge figure raises me up to the stars,
Where a gate has been built as bound.
I enter into the deuse stratosphere,
The Earth picks me up to her palms,
We're descending slowly toward the surface,
My body becomes the slave of the planet again.
I close my eyes, I'm rapt in thoughts,
Set my soul free, set out once more,
I let my body be chained up,
Let myself dance in the sphares now.
[The recognition]
I'm coming back again and again,
And I don't know why,
I'm running on the highway of emotions
But it's always running round.
I'm getting heat again,
I can see with my open eyes, the desert way is before us.
Faces of friends... Helpful hands... Redemption...
We set out on the endless sandsea,
Right now among friends,
We're sailing wearily, but in safe on the boat,
On the boat, that's taking us to a common destination.
[The atonement]
The key of life is here,
Led by the fate,
We can be powerful only here,
Rising up to the sky...

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