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Ice-T - That's How I'm Livin lyrics

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That's How I'm Livin by Ice-T

I was born in new jersey, I said it before But I guess nobody heard me My mother died young No sistas or brothas, I was the only son When I was twelve my pops died too What a brotha was supposed to do? They sent me out West To live with my aunt I guess they though it was the best But there was no love there Growin' with no moms I guess I was prepared to live in a vacuum The bedroom the kitchen, the hall and the bathroom I didn't leave home much, didn't like L.A. Didn't have no friends to trust Got busted to a school Blacks and whites, I guess the sh*t was cool But in highschool I changed Didn't wanna bust, didn't wanna play the game I walked to Crenshaw high, sh*t was fly I hooked up with new cru You might call it gang but we called it a set Some brothas that knew what the f**k to do The whole school was down And it was our own thang And one way or another everybody f**ked around When the hardcore or not you wore the right color or your ass got shot That's how i'm livin'... I did three years in and made close friends I was glad: a family I never had Havin' no love my homies came my only But I grew up fast got a girl on 10th grade pregnant Needin' cash, I had to change my style Switched from bangin' to hustlin' No more goin' buckwild But my hustle was weak, it was a no go Had to get a cashflow I join the army, four years in that sh*t Be all f**ked you can be My homies had done good Came back to the hood About 100 gees a lick, no mothaf**kin' shame Had elevated their game Baby sledgehammers with the tools Passed for the jewels I speak on this with a hesitation Even though it passed the statue of limitation... I checked the bank Bought a porsche and gear, earn high streetrank But as I grew my whole crew fell thru Cops had us on the books as innerstate crooks I had too much juice, I cut my boosters loose Murder robbery rape escape, the whole damn nine You robbed a nigga blind I was intread with the pimpgame Took on the ice-name But the pimpgame moved too slow In one nite late I was in a carwreck Especially for a nigga who was hooked on quick dough And I was lucky to escape Hospital for teen weeks, in bed almost dead And when I got well, I got gaught in a cross And got locked in a jailcell That's how I'm livin'... They cutted me loose And I had to change troops This time they didn't catch me Next time they'll strecth me All my homies was in court Cause my time was gettin' short Or locked in a hole, this sh*t was gettin' old So I changed my life It took ten years to get from there to here Putted down the gun and picked up the mic But I still keep a gun, cops got me on the run And they hate me more now Than they ever did before My homies came back from pen And we all worked together Wrong mothaf**kin' place True friends but every once and while Some punk mistakes me as a junk And he gets in my face And I aint lyin', that's how you dyin'...

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