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Ian Parry - Poetic Justice lyrics

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Poetic Justice by Ian Parry

Was it immoral to, create a dream come true
And separate the human race
Now man's predominance
After centuries has taken it's toll
A poetic justice, as they're cast away forever
Go... go... go
On a journey searching into the unknown
Now the challenge has begun
What will this journey bring, now only time will tell
A discovery, man's new adventure
[Repeat Chorus]
[Spoken part:] "Where lies the truth, but in the hearts and souls of many"
Pray when shall, this search begin [Shouts]
Shall it begin, in the solstice
As the sun, reaches it's highest point
Mere mortals, all alone
[Ad-lib:] Just meer mortals, where lies the truth but in the heart
Search inside your soul

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