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Iamamiwhoami - Don't Wait For Me lyrics

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Don't Wait For Me by Iamamiwhoami

Don't wait for me
Willows and pines
Thrushes and fields
Won't wait for you
I am right here
Under your skin
Breathing your air
My touch disappeared
It doesn't mean
That I'm not there
That I am not near
Reaching new tiers
Don't follow me
Places to go
The picture is clear
A different view
And nobody knows
Unclouded by fear
Widening frame
At beck and call
Saying my name
Along the shore
Into the free
Don't look for me
Head for the cost
One foot off the pier
Untied the noose
My keepings are sold
And even the tears
Needled with shame
Don't let them soak
Breaking the waves
Songs that we know
Sung differently
Don't wait for me

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