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I5 - Marmuladas lyrics

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Marmuladas by I5

Dame pena y aleghria
Tengo dos males a un tiempo
Cuando la pena me mata
La aleghria me da aliento
Madre mia yo me muero
No me entierren en Saghrado
Entierrenme en Campo Verde
Donde apasta mi caballo
Casa cun ela bribonhe (2x)
Que lle deche la palabra
E aghora dis-lle que nonhe
Non quero do teu querere
Nin das tuas amistades
Nin das tuas falas doces
Cubertas de falsedades
La luna se pone en Cadiz
Y echa rayos en Valencia
Niña no tomes amores
Donde no hay correspondencia
No quiero que tu me quieras
Ni yo tampoco quererte
Quiero que tu m'aborrezcas
Yo tambien aborrecerte
Triste la tarde sin sole
Triste la noche sin luna
Triste está mi corazone
Sin experienza ninguna
A la jota jota, a la jota hé
Me case con otro
A tu te deje (x3)
A la jota jota, a la jota hé
I moreniña I ha de sere
La tierra para ser buena
I la mujer para el hombre
Tambien ha de ser morena
Date la vuelta ghuapo, date la vuelta
Que quiero ver los cortes
De tu chaqueta (x3)
Date la vuelta ghuapo, date la vuelta
Moitos me marmularanhe
Porque nesta ihora canto
Queira Dios qu'os fillos deles
Non lles deian outro tanto
Voltar Manueliño, voltar d'arredor
Voltar Manueliño
Voltar meu amor (x3)
Voltar Manueliño, voltar d'arredor
Esta noche va a llover
Que tiene pico la luna
Quiera Dios que llueva I llueva
Aighua no caiga ninguna
Entre cuatro cadenas, estoi io metida,
Entre soghra, cuñada
Abuela I tia
I feel grief and happiness
I have two sorrows at the same time
When grief kills me
Happiness cheers me up
Oh my God I'm dying
Don't bury me in consecrated earth
Bury me in the green meadows
Where my horse grazes
Marry her you villain
You promised it to her
And now you say you won't
I don't want your love
Nor your friendship
Nor your sweetness
Stained with lies
The moon sets in Cadiz
And sends rays to Valencia
Girl, don't look for love
Where it is not returned
I don't want you to love me
Nor do I love you
I want you to detest me
And I detest you as well
Sad is an afternoon with no sun
Sad is a night with no moon
Sad is my heart
Lacking all experience
Dance a jota, dance
I will marry someone else
And I will dump you
Dance a jota, dance
The earth must be dark
To be good
Likewise, a woman must be dark
For a man
Turn around handsome, turn around
Because I want to see the pattern
Of you jacket
Turn around handsome, turn around
Many will slander me
Because I what I'm singing now
Let's hope their children
Won't do the same to them
Turn around Manueliño, turn right around
Turn around Manueliño
Turn around my love
Turn around Manueliño, turn right around
Tonight it's going to rain
The moon is a sickle
Even if God wants it to pour
Not a single drop of rain would fall
I am worn down by four chains
Mother-in-law, sister-in-law,
Grandmother and aunt

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