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Hypnosis - Hate Me lyrics

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Hate Me by Hypnosis

It's time for me
To face my destiny
It's time for you
To live your life
Why do you love me?
I've got nothing to do
With the man you need
Why do you love me?
I'm a killer, I'm a hunter
I'm a cyborg soldier
I wander: Am I human?
A psychopath? Maybe
Murder is in my genes
I've got blood on my hands
Why could I love you
As I only feel disgust
For myself?
I don't want to hurt you
I haven't been programmed
To have a normal life
Now the end is near
Our story will end in tears
But I don't want to rob your life
I seem to be a man
But I'm a monster, it's clear
You can't spend your life
With a machine... created to kill
Hate me
You're the one I love the most
Please hate me
Please give me a reason to leave

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