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Huntingtons - Girls Gone Crazy lyrics

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Girls Gone Crazy by Huntingtons

I should of let go when i saw (?)
That girls got issues i don't wanna be next
In line for a ride i'm not tall enough for
When she showed me her purse i shoulda showed her the door
'cause she don't care about no one
And who knows when she'll come undone
Oh won't that be a lot of fun oh
She says she want's to get too know me better
(?) with a suicide letter
She smiled and said it's just a joke
But i don't think she's blowin' smoke
Oh oh the girls go crazy
Oh no i don't mean maybe
Oh oh the girls go crazy
Makes me wanna swear of love for ever
Oh oh oh yeah
I saw her down at the market square
She called me over (?)
She lied and said she was (?)
But i don't think (?)
'cause that's no excuse why she's not sweet
She used to be a normal girl
But she's escaped to her own world
There's someone there she's gotta (?)

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