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Smoke Em' Out Lyrics



Smoke Em' Out Song Lyrics

Smoke Em' Out by Hunter

I swear I'm getting mighty pissed with all these goddamn terrorists
Acting like they just don't care 'bout how things oughtta be
Didn't they read the news today, this world belongs to the USA
And we'll roll in and kill yer kids, if you disagree


Well, we'll roll in and smoke 'em out their holes
Liberate, emancipate and save some muslim souls
We'll give you your government, but we'll still hold the reins
And if you try to change it we'll just blow up again
You know the cops'll do their best, to break you down if you protest
It's only fair because you dare to have a point of view
It's a clear cut case of good and bad, so why them hippies getting mad
They should be more grateful for the rules we've made for you


Don't question all the money spent, by our illustrious government
You should realize by now, you know what's best for you
If we blow up hospital, we just say it's collateral
And teach you all to learn to love, the old red, white and blue


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