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Howler - Fragrance (Feat. Abstract Rude) lyrics

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Fragrance (Feat. Abstract Rude) by Howler

F/ Abstract Rude
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[Self Jupiter]
Beauty was like a claw
Whatever it was about her snatched me up in the night
Maybe it was just her kind gestures and the golden supplements of her textures
The extras and affection
She was a star in my eyes, galaxies away we..
Separated with sections
This is your side of the world and this is mine, I said
She agreed as if with no hesitation
But remembering them evenings we shared, together
In her walls my water-colored painted inspiration in an old, cold December weather
She always be amongst the best pieces of work in my art gallery forever
Tried and true, my pride and joy bride who I despised
Birthday cake candles display not only her age but her flaws
22 dancing flames flicker on wax, as our love affair has all
[Abstract Rude]
They come, they come, they go
They come, they come, they go
It wasn't perfect, but we were working it out
What was love, but an uncanny emotion to feel uncertain about
Hurt, by her mouth
Sticks and stones were child's play, compared to the foul things she would say
The way a woman can get under a man's skin is first tantalizing then agonizing
Stressful, she could be no less
Scattered thoughts of our battered love to it's bloody
Pulp Fiction was Tarantino-esque
Ghetto Juliette
We were so impetuous, when we first met
You were big eyes in a big city
By the time LA's done with you
You gonna have contacts for eyes and fake titties
I'm just playin' really, hehe
Messin' wit' you (Messin' wit' you)
Her compulsive obsessive
When I left town, left her restless
She fought through lonely days
Then thought of her only ways to punish me
She became a free-for-all with our relationship freefall, plummeting
How vindictive I thought
I'ma miss you a lot
[Abstract Rude]
They come, they come, they go
They come, they come, they go
[Mikah 9]
So wherever so where was loins within her folds, cursed life
Love only rescue
Antimatter vortex
Busom event horizon toughs pubic follicles
Miniscule stakes count burnt-out soulmates
Dimensions collide sex
Becoming bow to respect game and escalated a war of the hearts
I have final triumph, but we both lost our minds
Begin again accept heartbroken proposals
Got dogged now we lick each other's wounds
Apartment living room we hold hands
Close our eyes and one leaping bound jump over vacuum cleaner
Love is in all women
I apologize for all men
Compatibility and commitment I wipe the tears from your eyes
You pull the wool over mine
I offer food for thought
You choose, spat out
I walk with God, you are the seductress

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