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Hot Boy$ - Introduction (Feat. Big Tymers) lyrics

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Introduction (Feat. Big Tymers) by Hot Boy$

Bring Noise Nigga, I got something on my shoulder - that bitch is so heavy
AK-47 a test ta a Mac-11, double clipped taped up
Ready ta spray something, 175 shots ta clear the block
I've rob through your neighborhood, day and night
Stole clothes people inside, ya hood on strike
I'm looking, for ya - high and low, nigga I'm searchin'
11 deep in the new Ford Excursion
Me and my nigga P. - brother D's on weed
Bet should re-infact, k' pot it clean
Once you found you get down, burn torchin' and beat
That's the treatment you get from a nigga in C.M.B.
I'm the B.G. but you can call me - Shot 'em up shorty
I'll get mad and try ta flush your head down the toirlet
Baby gave me the game - when this niggaz that's bitch made
Gimme my props, call it Ace a Ace a spade of spades nigga
Boss you wouldn't believe what happend ta me
Last night I got hit for a package of ki's
Who was it? Man I'ont know some cats
They kicked in my doo' shot my wife in the back
And you think them mothafuckers woulda left it at that
They beat me in my head until I said where it's at
Okay we go out in the streets and we get the word
We hit up anybody that we think selling them birds
Them fuckin moolignanis don't want no war'
C4 them down, let 'em burn in the car
Me not worried about no witness
Cuz them won't see, anything linkin' up ta me
Boss, come ta find out it was Red and Black
Them connivin' motherfuckers gatta pay for that
I tell you what I gonna do, burn them cock roaches
And payment for the cops in case they wanna approach us
I'm the O.G. nigga 'bout money and bitches
Know how, ta flip a brick and deal with ditches
My brother K.C

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