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Horace Pinker - Nothing At All lyrics

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Nothing At All by Horace Pinker

i can look until my eyes turn from brown to blue and pretend every girl
that i see isn't you does it change a thing? we're hopelessly waiting for
that letter to arrive well i haven't sent it i'm alone with a pen and paper
for the present it's evident my perfect descent it began at the end and
as i looked ahead can't even take the first step can't even try to pretend
it's all in reverse that bad day got worse your anger insecurity pushed
me away and i should have known everything i learned that day but you can
never know until you try never know until you try has it changed nothing
at all i think i'll try from now on not to start at the end get the conclusion
first and then the middle begin do you think it will work for me? breathe
out before you suck in maybe i'll try to smoke again it seems to have worked
for you when you wanted me and i wanted you and it was such a simple singular
point of view an equal equation adds one and one, two one and one, two

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