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Honey Cone - Op lyrics

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Op by Honey Cone

Mop, bop, a-rop a-dop, dop
Hey lika looka dere what ya say
Mop, bop, a-rop a-dop, dop
There's a new kinda talk going 'round our school
Everybody likes it 'cause it's real real cool
Once you get started you just can't stop
They call it op, that's all, just op
A-op-a b-bop, c-cop-a d-dop
E-op-a f-fop, g-gop-a h-hop
I-op-a j-jop, k-kop-a l-lop
Mop, bop, rop kop, kop
I heard it all started one Saturday night
The kids were all dancin' and the music was right
Somebody yelled rop-acop and rop-roll
And that's what I call rock and roll.
[Repeat CHORUS]
[Repeat VERSE 3]
I got me a pretty little steady girl
Now I'm sittin' on top of the world
Ever since she whispered in my ear
I belop vee-op-poo dear
[Repeat CHORUS]
A-ding dang dot
[Repeat VERSE 2]
[Repeat CHORUS]
[Repeat VERSE 3]
[Repeat CHORUS]
A-ding dang dot
Bop, hop a-ding dang dot
Now I dig that crazy op
Bop, hop a-ding dang dot

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