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Dungeons And Drag Queens (In Three Measures) Lyrics

by Holy Martyr


Dungeons And Drag Queens (In Three Measures) Song Lyrics

Dungeons And Drag Queens (In Three Measures) by Holy Martyr

Oh, loathsome midnight dreary throught pit and bog, a forgotten road tis thee I fear of old. Hark! Thither a chateau! With hunting forbode it filled me. Yet it ruins. I hastened to it bleakly, reasons unclearly. Though still as death whilst my heart it beat with terror at this profound mystery I stumbled upon error. Swirling blackness crept up on the midnight spirits's woe the sould of a love lost to the grave, from hence came a scream! And what is this that I perceive in the rotted wainscotting? Why a passage to a hidden staircase! Candlelabrum lit' in the tunnels down to a cold and slimey crypt below. Suddenly a bloody hand seized me. What a grip! From behind a black veil two lips uttered in a lisp: "Noble night! I shall launch my lance into thine innards.... How 'bout a change? Art thou not a beginner? Now bend over swiftly you artful beginner!" My , such feelings overcame me, such phantoms in my head! I turned swiftly to kiss my new love only to see a skeleton of the dead!

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