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Son of perdition Lyrics

by Hollenthon


Son of perdition Song Lyrics

Son of perdition by Hollenthon

Dreadful visions
Of seas turning black
Silent conquests masked
In mortal white
Rolling thunder
Mountains of brass
Marching one by one
To steal the light

Howling mongrels
Forewarning doom
Seeping poisons
From the serpent's kiss
One-eyed liars
Spewing at the mouth
False pretences linger
Hiding in the clouds

The deceiver
Sowing seeds of death
The apocrypha

The deceiver
Digging endless graves
Reaping fallacies

Dying embers
Burning at both ends
Blind indifference
Gorging promises
Fragrant sorrows
Weeping to the wind
Blissful ignorance
Until time stands still

Lonesome solace
Riding out the storm
Fearless paupers
Stand on shallow ground
Fading shimmer
Dueling beasts of vice
Stoic hopefuls battle
Scrambling at dawn

The deceiver
Digging endless graves
Reaping fallacies

The destroyer
Rising in the East
For the last crusade

Light is fading
Worlds collide
In the last hour
As words become lies

In darkly worlds
With wielding swords
Wild beasts await Remorse and Sin
Death's angels freed
From Hades' dark side
Damned be the children, cursed the land

Between two worlds
Where Death lurks near
A wailing song to Fate's last breath
A valiant steed
A crown and bow
Son of perdition and false pretence

From blackened seas
Ascending dead
In chains their souls
In flight their pride
(Death lurks the corners of the earth)
And one by one
In endless demise
Relive their death with no reprise
(Son of perdition and false pretence)

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