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Bebop and Lulu Lyrics

by Hoffsten Louise


Bebop and Lulu Song Lyrics

Bebop and Lulu by Hoffsten Louise

sneaking out the backdoor
a boogie woogie on the run
hungry for some action
and thirsty for a sip of Monk
just a little tickle to turn you'r world upside down
get you'r blood going, get ready
Lulu's back in town
singing: bopopej bopopej
Bepop and Lulu gonna get you feeling right
you know it's gonna move you
make you wanna sing all night:
rambling to the rhythm
rattling like a bag of bones
going on a mission
as alias Smith and Jones
saddle all the horses, follow the indian trail
til it's time to change the key
and jump to a different scale
and sing:bopopej bopopej

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