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Generation Gap(s) Lyrics

by Hoffman Lauren


Generation Gap(s) Song Lyrics

Generation Gap(s) by Hoffman Lauren

He old man, he says
"Kids nowadays are far too ahead of their time.
Stuff they know now I didn't know 'til I was at least 22."
People just walk by, thinking "Stupid old man...
Ranting and raving so."
"The children today don't know how good they've...
Got it.
Don't know how to appreciate things.
When I was their age...blah, blah, blah."
When they were their age, y'know they were the same
Fate seems to have kept two worlds apart
Kids today don't listen to a word they say
And this makes them misunderstand
The kids wanna have fun, some more, some less
Face it folks, all generations are the same
The fads are the only things that change
"Parents just don't understand," wasn't that...
A song?
Anyway, aforementioned statement may just be true
But hey kids...ever stop to think
You may not understand them, do you?
The Generation Gap, it's never been filled
Crazy, wacko, spiritual, wannabe guru
Preaches on the streets of D.C., trying...
To persuade one generation or another
Do any of 'em really listen to his raves?
I think not
Sometimes the Boomers can be right
Sometimes the X-ers are too
Who'd believe the X-ers - the big time whiners -
Would be having babies called...what's that phrase?
Generation Next?
They scream and argue and still resolve nothing
Every once in a great, great, great, great, great...
While the generations agree on something
What a revelation that is!
The Boomers regret their "dopey" days, "I did not inhale" they say
The X-ers hide their rage, and the Next-ers smile for once
The Generation Gaps may just be filled one day

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