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Hilary Duff - Girl in the band lyrics

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Girl in the band by Hilary Duff

Sung By: Haylie Duff
Wake up in the morning, looking little rough
Today I don't know who I am, today that's not enough.
So I go up to the mirror, strike another pose.
Happy, sad, good, bad, with every change of clothes.
But everything I see is me, yeah me.
I'm the girl in the band, the world looks good from where I stand.
You hear me raise your hand, for the girl in the band.
Let the party begin, I'm feelin' good inside my skin.
The world at my command, I'm the girl in the band.
Ain't no doubt about, you can tell by the way I walk.
Cruisin' by, head held high, I can talk the talk.
1, 2, 3, 4, are you ready or not,
Got to put it on the line, I gotta show you what I've got.
I know what you see is me, yeah me!
Why oh why ain't I (ain't I done this before)
I just want want's mine (what's mine and nothin' more)
Time is time it's time (it's time to come by strong)
I just wanna sing my song.
Hey you, get out of your seat, get over yourself, get on the beat.
Hey you, get off your cloud, come down to Earth, get itno the crowd.
I know what you see, is me.
I'm the girl in the band, you hear me raise your hand (fades)

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