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Her Nightmare - Good People Of Everywhere lyrics

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Good People Of Everywhere by Her Nightmare

When they pulled in the center of town with
Eager eyes the children gathered and bowed
And when the truck stopped from it's clumsy crawl
Out stepped a man with boxes under his arm
He yelled out friends here inside of my hand is
The solution to life's bitter end how does it work
Someone yelled from the back, well my child
I'm so glad that you asked
You give one of these to your folks as they sleep,
And when the morning comes, then the job has
Been done, and you can face the brand new
Day, and call yourselves by different names, you
Can write your history, and fill the books with
What you please
There doesn't have to be a war, there won't be
Any kids who starve, no one will ever lay a hand
On anyone who's half their size, everyone will
Love their home, no matter what street they live
On, you can work on what you want, or dance
Until your legs go numb
There's nothing to do if you want to
For the first time in their short lives they were
Equal in their hearts and their minds, but slowly
Yours needed to become mine, and those who
Too more started creating sides, and when
They pulled in the center of town with shameful
Eyes, the children scattered about, he yelled
Out, friends, here inside of my hand is the solution
To the mess that you're in
You take two of these before you go to sleep
And when the morning comes your mistake will
Be done, you re-enacted yesterday and called
Yourself by family names, you repeated history
Word for word from books on greed, so now it's
Time to end this war before you kids completely
Starve, take your hands off the throats of
Everyone who's half your size, all of you have
Burned your homes no matter what street you
Lived on, you have worked on wickedness, so
Now it's time to right this wrong
There's nothing to do if you want to
There's nothing

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