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Her Nightmare - Call To Arms lyrics

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Call To Arms by Her Nightmare

My fists are clenched, my knuckles white, to all religion,
I take this fight, to the gates of heaven, to the gates of hell,
Neither will survive what I threaten.
I've choked I've coughed on all these lies, how can so many be so f**king blind,
Waited and prayed no one heard my cries, in the end it's me that f**king dies.
A call to arms if you've made mistakes, a call to arms if you if you know what it takes,
A call to arms to anyone that thinks, A fighting hope for lives like these.
Your god doesn't care your church doesn't share, she'd your clothes, slit your throat,
No one's there.
I live now without regret, this anger I'll never forget, truer words have never been spoken,
I won't stop until you're broken.
I fell in line before but now I'm gone, it's time to even up the score,
Listen to reason or you'll be f**king sorry, sorry in hell you've made for yourself.
For yourself.

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