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Crying Crowns Of Trees Lyrics



Crying Crowns Of Trees Song Lyrics

Crying Crowns Of Trees by Hermetica

The moon's glow
On the lake
Is a reflection of the night's crown
Taken from six heads
Once the nymph's crown
United the power
She was the Ophis of the paradise
Today again tempted with her charm...

To taste sin
Means sweetness
And raise a temple
'Cause you know you'd won!
The fruit of your body
Is the shield that flowed with blood

You came here
By a chariot of fire
You gave praise
With a hellish whip

In the cup of night
And the vase of the day
You blended with mud
To hurt time

With a horseshoe of death
You split despair
With Pegasus' wing
You convinced the wind
To braid a new
The plait of bodies
And you became the seaweed of the lake...

To hold the key
To the door of unity
You named yourself empress
To wield the sceptre
Of my feeling
There are six crowns on your head
There's a glow on the lake

The moon's paradise!

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