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Herman Düne - Expect The Unexpected lyrics

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Expect The Unexpected by Herman Düne

I was not supposed to lose a friend or cling to a woman
What shouldn't happen happens, and it happens quite often
You meet a stranger here once, and you meet them someother time there
You change your style completelyon the very day that you do not care
So it's gonna be farewell my lovely
I've no idea where the hell I'm gonna be
So it's gonna be Blues and Booze in the morning
And if I'm lucky, maybe, Fine cut skirts and distant teasing
Some day they'll find my body, black and blue in the West Coast Kelp
I've tried to sleep more often but even brandy doesn't help
And I'm dead dead you'll be the one to mourn for me
You'll empty the freezer and throw my ashes back into the sea

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