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Morning Star Lyrics

by Hellion


Morning Star Song Lyrics

Morning Star by Hellion

Have you been down to the river
There's footsteps inside the sand
Oh don't you know the invaders have come
To take the land

Oh! When evening comes
After the storm
When will it be the same
When they return
After the fight
Anly a few will remain
So we'll see it was he all along
It's so

See that the cities are burning
There's smoke in the valleys below
Moss-covered stone
Where the moonlight has shown
On land we know

Oh! Let him ride on
Safe on the road
Shown by the silver moon
Strong be his lance
True be his aim
Be it their source of doom
So we'll then see it was he all along
It's so

Morning star

Thieves they lie waiting in darkness
Making lone travellers their prize
But good man and thief
Must aid their relief
Protecting the home countryside

Soon you'll hear my voice
Calling your name
Floating it's was through air
You have the choice
You chose the path
Morning star leads you there
Soon they'll see it was me all along
It's so

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