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Hatesphere - No Sense lyrics

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No Sense by Hatesphere

I want to hear deafness
I want to see blindness
I want to feel alive
Yesterday I ran like the wind
And seemed to be ahead of everything
Today I stopped for a while
In the midst of my own eternity
I need a question
To find the answer
I've always walked with you
For a second, walk with me
Don't seek eternity
Why am I damned to freedom,
When I'm better off enslaved?
I would laugh and I would smile
Come on and chain me for a while
You should tear off my ears
You should stab out my eyes
You should lock me in a chamber
So I could feel alive
I've been swimming in this lake
Now I am drowning
Today the water froze to ice
Although the sun was shining
Now I can hear nothing
Now I can see nothing
Now I can feel everything

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