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Hanna Pakarinen - Hard Luck Woman lyrics

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Hard Luck Woman by Hanna Pakarinen

There's a letter on the table
And a bottle of ink
There is sadness in my heart
Many thoughts to think
A letter to be written
Things to be said
I stare out my window
And it starts to rain
Now, how should I put this?
For you to see
Never wanted to hurt you
Just believe in me
But I was misleaded
Burned my fingers in fire
Now you feel mistreated
Now I feel like a liar
We used to love each other
You think we still should bother
Or let it go?
See I'm a hard luck woman
And you're not a lucky star
Though we messed it up now
Let's get back to the start
You enjoy your freedom
Or so they say
But your eyes aren't shining
Like yesterday
Though the odds are against me
I just want to try
The flame's still burning
Deep inside
You used to call me baby
Not anymore
Now you call me a cheater
I know the score
Yes I'm a hard luck woman
But you're not a stone cold man
I'm not quitting on this while I still can
I know I'm your woman
You know you're my man
Everyone has a dream, every play has a scene
Every night, every day is a lifetime
Every choice, every voice tears apart my heart
All the days of my life I have waited
And the hope never has really faded
We used to love each other
We know we do
So maybe we should bother
And stop playing a fool
I'll be your hard luck woman
Would you be my hard luck man?
The flame's still burning
Just take my hand
You know I'm your woman
I know you're my man

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