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Handsome Boy Modeling School - Calling The Biz lyrics

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Calling The Biz by Handsome Boy Modeling School

1: Yo, di'I- did I tell you about this new project my
man Automator's doin'? It's called Handsome Boy
Modelling School?
Biz: What the fuck is that?
1: Yo, I didn't tell you about that?
Biz: No.
1: Yo, yo, it's ill. It's ill. So what you gonna
contribute to it, Biz Markie?
Biz: What you want me to do?
1: I want you to um... I want you to sing like um...
like, like, like um... like the Bee Gees.
Biz: Oh yeah, like that?
1: I want you to sing like [mac] diva?
Biz: [singing in a high pitch]
1: Yo, you'll do that?
Biz: I can do that.
1: You gonna flip that?
Biz: Flipped it

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