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Halfwayhome - On The Passing Of Fairytale Heroes lyrics

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On The Passing Of Fairytale Heroes by Halfwayhome

Am I Responsible For Holding The Candle That Set Fire To The World
And Let Loose All it's Burden
From The Room Where Time Stands Still
Functioning On Pride And Will
We Stand Alone So Culpable For Burning Eden
I won't be poisoned by your ghost
I won't be captive to obsession
Until you learned that this is all pretending
So much for a heart in freefall
Tonight we offer your possesion
Real out for your story book ending
So here we buy back our reality
The Weight Of Words Now Fleeting
Like The Venom From Inside Of Me
With Bullets Dancing Through Air
The Chaos Isn't Everywhere
But Finding Silver Linings In The Death Scene Is Our Ticket Out Of Here
Words Come Out Like Bitter Pills
A Mouthful That Is Killing Me
Vocalized And Fluid
In This Vanity Parade
These Words Come Out Like Photographs
All Celluloid And Memory
Each One A Turning Moment
Set Loose Inside Our Veins

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