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Gus And Frank - Confessions of a rooftop killer lyrics

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Confessions of a rooftop killer by Gus And Frank

(Ahhhhhhh Oh Ahhhhhhh)
come around children
I want to tell you a little story
Come around
Sit down
Shut the f**k up
The old man began with his hand on his working class heart
I swear on my grave that my days have been damned from the start
Shall I tell you my tale of woe
Let me sing before my days go
It’s a story of love and the darkness that drove it apart
My love song begins with the sins I’m compelled to confess
Maintaining deceit is a feit that I need to undress
It’s not gold or silver I stole
Nor slanderous lies that I told
These hands of mine held the same body they bludgeoned to death
I was born like a thief in the streets of the traders down south
In my youth any roof that was tiled sufficed as my house
My only friend in this world
Was a fatherless Japanese girl
In summer we’d curl up and sleep in that fruit box of ours
In the years that passed by she and I were like old working shoes
And never a face with such grace was seen south of the blues
Behind a beggar boys shield
My love for her was concealed
Still I prayed on the rooftops at night she’d eventually chose………..
(Ahhhhhhh Oh Ahhhhhhh)
choose me
be true to me………ahhgggg
He lived like a lord in a northern industrial town
And I understand secondhand it was love that he found
In the arms of my Japanese doll
They’d sleep till the church bells would toll
Then they’d wake and make passionate love till the sun rolled back down
Everyone knows I’m opposed to the taking of life
I’ve always believed good and evil are husband and wife
But jealousy sews deadly seeds
And harvests the darkest of deeds
I cut both their throats in the night with an old butchers knife……………
I swear every word that you’ve heard is the terrible truth
And now my young friend this song ends with the tangible proof
If you still do not believe
The loss for which I have grieved
You’ll find all the bones of my love in a box on my roof…………….
Ahhhhhhh etc etc etc………..ahhhhggggg
Hear my confession my only possession was born of obsession so pure…and so on

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