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Group X - Sehventain year-es lyrics

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Sehventain year-es by Group X

Thank you for calling the Waffle House can I help you?
Hello!, yes, yais.....Who is this?
This is Sue.
Alright, hello Sue.
I'm ready to place my order for food to take off home.
First.....two hotan sandwaches are preety good.....and uh
You want what?
Two hotan sandwaches and a salad bowl...and doo....doo, doo Mr. Cokes
I can't understand you.
Two cokes and.... Mr. Coke.....Two Mr. Cokes. Do you like those?
Do you have those to sell?
Have what?
Mr. Cooooookkkkeeee.....Mr. Coke....
Ya know like da drink with.. the drink...
Two cokes?
Two Mr. Cokes.
What else?
Two sandwiches.
What kind of samwich.
What kind do you ha....Samwich?
Is there an m in the american word of sandwich?
Bacon egg cheese, Ham egg cheese, BLT...
Wooahhh....good. Can you do that again is that a song?
Do it again one more time please.
Quarter cheese, patty mayo, BLT, grilled ham and cheese, Grilled cheese
(sings along)
Good. You have been practicing your p's and q's..have you not.
What would you like?
I want the first one that you made on the list.
Quarter cheese?
Wha...No could I get half of one?
Grilled ham and cheese?
No..just a half of...a half of a cheese.
Grilled ham and cheese?
No!!!! Who say hhham? No one here is saying hham!
Just tell me whatcha want I got ta go.
Alright, I want the quart...haif,
One half, one an a half of a quater cheese.
We don't have one and a half...We don't have half.
Deluxe, oh Deluxe definatly.
You don't have half? ALright, two and a half then.
We don't have halfs you want two?
*In southern drawl* Hafff?
What.. What does tha..Oh!
You were saying what I was saying in a different way.
You want two grilled ham and cheese? want two cheese deluxe.
Two grilled cheese deluxe?
With a side of mayonaise. Mackshmayenose.
Two grilled cheese with...
No! What dey fudge! Not grilled cheese, two quater cheeses.
Two quater cheese?
DELUXE! Cmon misses you don't you are not...
Speak english and I can understand you.
How long have you been working at this place?
Ive been here 17 years, how long uve been in America?
Ooohhhh now youve done it.
Now youve fudged the bucket and told me too many words too know.
Do you want anything?
Yes I do. Im ready to order now.
Two quarter cheese?
Two big deluxes.
OK. What else?
A Mcshake.
We don't have milkshakes.
Ah..Na..God damnit......You say youve been working here soooo long,
Like a hot shot, but you don't even know what you have.
Alright list *she hangs up*

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