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Great Kat - I Became Awake lyrics

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I Became Awake by Great Kat

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I Became Awake Great Lake Swimmers lyrics
Artist: Great Lake Swimmers
Album: Ongiara
Year: 2007
Title: I Became Awake Print
I became awake,
From a very dark place, a patchwork of fear, of poorly conceived ideas.
With a blister of water, the mark of working hands,
Ready to catch, or cut.
The senses aligned, the animal urgency, and voices picked up,
Flowing over the static, late, quiet.
I became awake.
Fingers are open, eyes they are open, the firing if images, an orchestra of scribbles.
The guts of an engine, the veins of a leaf, light onto paper, exposed.
A filament in a bulb, up above or in the ground.
Together we are magic, together we are dreaming, together we reach enlessly,
The centre of a seed, so full of possibilities.
I became awake.
I thought I was sleeping, but I was only forming a structure with no ceiling,
With words like a runway, a cloud of a person drifting away.
I was heavy, but now I am light.
I was heavy, but now I am light

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