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Graham Parker - Discovering japan lyrics

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Discovering japan by Graham Parker

[intro] Bm D A (3 times)
D Bm
Her heart is nearly breaking, the earth is nearly quaking
The Tokyo's taxi's braking, it's screaming to a halt
G A Bm G
And there's nothing to hold on to when gravity betrays you
A D Bm
And every kiss enslaves you-oo-oo
D Bm
She knows how hard her heart grows under the nuclear shadows
She can't escape the feeling repeating in her head
G A Bm G
When after all the urges some kind of truth emerges
We felt the deadly surges
Bm A G D A
Discovering Japan--an --an
Bm A G D A G D Bm Bm
Discovering Japan--an --an
D Bm
The GIs only use her, they only ram right through her
Giving an eastern promise, that they could never keep
G A Bm G
Seeing a million miles, between their joke and smiles
She heard their hard denials [don't pause]
Bm A
As the tears dropped sideways down her face, face
Bm A
I woke up talking in the tongue of a different race, race
Bm G
And as the flight touches down my watch says 8:02
F#m Bm D A
But that's midnight to you,
Bm D A Bm D A / G A
Midnight to you Midight to you
D Bm
I dreamed headlong collisions in jet lag panavisions
I shouted sayonara it didn't mean goodbye
G A Bm G
But lovers turn to posers show up in film exposures
Just like in travel brochures
Bm A G D A Bm A G D A
Discovering Japan Discovering Japan
(x6 and fade)

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