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Government Warning - See The Truth lyrics

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See The Truth by Government Warning

Fight for something that isn't there
reality is too much to bare
children's tales and made up lies
thats all that matters in your eyes
see the truth, you cant deny
make up some more bullshit and lies
hide behind a martyrs blood
afraid of the trust so you fucking run
why do you act so fucking blind
what the hell is going through your mind?
why are you so afraid to die?
you're throwing away your fucking lives
give up your money, surrender your time
you're so ignorant it should be a crime
"the end is near, the end is near"
in the name of jesus fucking christ
raping kids, and taking cash
and YOU look at ME like im fucking trash
i used to think this bullshit was funny
but now i'm too fucking pissed off to laugh

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